Our Doxa ‘man on the ground’ in Kenya is married.

Kim is the permanent Doxa presence on the ground in Nakuru. and has for some time now run our office deep in the KM slum. It was last year that Kim announced his engagement to Joyce and his intention to marry in the New Year.

During a visit in April, by a team of six from the UK, the happy couple ‘tied the knot’. It was clearly a very special day for Kim and Joyce, and their hospitality ensured that it was also a very special day for the visiting Doxa team.

The day started at 7.30am with traditional singing outside the bride’s home, followed by a convoy of wedding cars that wound their way around the town. Next was a four hour service, which was eventually followed by the reception and after wedding celebrations. It was an amazing experience of colour, dancing, and celebration, with so many friends of Kim and the Doxa Project.