This is Grace

This is our wonderful friend Grace and her son Joseph who have been part of our sponsorship scheme since we began in 2010.

Grace’s husband 
passed away a couple of years 
ago and things are
 really tough for
 the family. One of 
the most amazing moments of recent trips was back
 in September 2016 when we made a home visit to Grace. We went to visit her to tell her we would like to help her with starting up a chicken business to generate an income. The whole time we were there she was very sombre, quietly sitting in the corner nodding away. She said she was happy for our help and
 we made our way outside. However, 
as we were leaving she called me over and she insisted on giving me the only food she had in her house, 12 eggs.

Of course, I didn’t want to take them, but this is what brought her true joy that afternoon, giving away the little she had.
I will never forget this moment, one of the most precious moments I’ve ever experienced in Kenya, someone’s complete delight in giving everything away. A strong Biblical truth at work right here, how much more blessed it is to give rather than receive. We love Grace.