Project Description

Family Support

‘Family’ is one of the main foundations for our lives and as we have worked within Kwa Murugi over the last few years we have become close to so many different families within the community. Some live in Kwa Murugi because they were displaced in the 2007 election violence; some have come to the city to find work, some had nowhere else to go when their husbands left, whilst others have always lived in Kwa Murugi.

Whatever their situation, we have families who need help, help to meet their basic needs in order to live as a ‘normal’ family. Through business initiatives, a monthly food distribution, a child educational scheme, clean water and general support we are doing all that we can to serve and bless the families of Kwa Murugi.

We long to bring hope to families, bringing them tools to help themselves and live in the knowledge that their situation can change.


We believe in breaking the cycle of poverty; we believe things can change. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making a difference.