Project Description

Destiny Academy

By far the biggest project we have completed as a charity was the building of a new school called Destiny Fountain Academy. For many years Mwangi & Priscilla had been serving the local community by educating the children who could not afford to go to school. They did this on a small piece of family land that had been gradually developed over a number of years into a makeshift school. Through the school we were able to build relationships and get to know many of the families within the Kwa Murugi community.

In 2015 we purchased some land and built them a new school, in a different location, to aid them in taking the children’s education to the next level and carry out their work more effectively. In 2016 we handed this new school over to them.

As of 2017 we now work far more within the community as a whole and our work with Destiny was a great platform in enabling this to happen.


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