Project Description

Community Hub

At the end of 2016, after years of predominantly focussing on a sponsorship scheme and educating the children of the community, we redirected and expanded our focus to be far more community and family orientated. This of course still very much includes our sponsorship of education, but also means we are getting involved with the whole family and trying to help meet needs of the community as a whole. Naturally, it involves more money, time, energy and projects but we believe it is, without a doubt, the best way to serve the community and help bring about the change and end to poverty that we strive to seek.

We have a little office in the middle of the community run by Kim. From the office, Kim gives out flour, maize, school resources and clothes, as well as it being a place for anyone to come and meet with him. We also have three computers that the children can use at weekends and during the holidays to help with their learning and development. This really is a hub of the community and a place that is filled with hope.


We believe in breaking the cycle of poverty; we believe things can change. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making a difference.