Serving our community

There is not one type of home within Kwa Murugi. Some reside in a home made with mud and timber, some made with blocks, whilst others with iron sheets. There is one lady within our community who is part of our programme and whilst we do what we can do help people break the cycle of poverty through a food programme and business opportunities, we also know that having somewhere safe to simply lay your head at night is a basic need. Kim, who works with us on the ground in Kenya, had a recent idea to complete ‘makeovers’ of houses within the community, that we knew needed some care. We began this new initiative last week at a lady called Milka’s house. Her roof leaked when it rained, she didn’t have enough sheets for the windows in her house and parts of the house were falling down. We recently purchased her a bed because this was something she simply did not have, she gave that straight to her children. Check out some of the pictures below from the team, in Kenya. It is SUCH a privilege to be able to love people and bring some joy to their hearts in the midst of difficult circumstances.