Christmas has come early to Nakuru!  Red football socks (brought over from the UK in various cases) will be stuffed with toys, sweets, stationery, UK knitted items, soap and lots more!  After chatting/shopping with Joyce (Kim’s wife) she said black shoe polisb would be good?!  Apparently the children have to polish their shoes every morning before school.  It is expensive and I can’t see that happening in the UK!  All the socks will be given out at the Christmas Meal by Kim & Joyce.  We hope to have enough for 140 children.  As a bonus we have some donated England football shirts, which the older kids will love.

Here in Kwa Murugi we are reminded of the abject poverty again.  Kim said last time we were here 90  percent of the slum are hungry
Now things are even harder with basic necessities going up in price.  The “Santa Stockings ” will  be shared with the family.  There has also been enough money to buy the ladies some soap (luxury) and hand cream.
As I write there are 2 large suitcases + 3 big holdhalls filled with goodies. Now is the happy job of sorting & packing.  Photos will follow our progress!
Thank you to all who have contributed.   There will be real joy here at Christmas.
Daphne Holmes