Kenya trip – Nov 2021 – Day 6

Day 6   Today is Friday which means that it is food distribution day for the families we support.  During Covid lockdown and until very recently, this was being done by taking bags to each

Kenya trip – Nov 2021! Day 3

An early start this morning meant that we set off down the hill as soon as daylight had broken and it was safe for us to be out on the road with our bags refilled

Kenya trip – Nov 2021! Day 1 & 2

After what had seemed like a period of “wading through treacle” to organise all the relevant paperwork now required to travel to Kenya, we managed to successfully and painlessly board our flight at Heathrow and

Covid-19 and Kwa Murugi

For many of us in the UK, we now have somewhat of a grasp on what life could look like for the next few weeks and months. It will no doubt be easier on some than others and have consequences that linger for months and years to come.


We believe in breaking the cycle of poverty; we believe things can change. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making a difference.

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