Day Three

Today is Sunday, so after breakfast we were all ready to head off to church in Nakuru town with our Kenyan friends.  However, having been thoroughly impressed by the timekeeping so far, we reverted to “Kenyan time” and were 20 minutes late in leaving.  When they did arrive they were all so smartly dressed  the rest of us felt completely underdressed!

We missed the first 1.5 hours of Kenyan worship, but were made very welcome for the rest of the service. The service we attended was spoken in English so we could understand all that was said.  Throughout it, there were people coming in to the church for the next service which is held once a month on “Love Sunday”.  This is a special service in Swahili and is for the physically challenged throughout the town.  Throughout the month, the church make contact with these folk and arrange transport for them and then this morning they were brought along to the church. The church is located in the 2ndfloor of a building without a lift in a main Nakuru street, and many needed to be carried up the 2 flights of stairs.

Once we left, their service started and on conclusion they were given a “goody bag” of flour, rice and porridge.  A real demonstration of compassion and love.

Meanwhile, we were treated to Kenyan tea in the pastors study with Pastor Benson and his wife Patricia.

This being Sunday – the traditional Christian day of rest – we took advantage of the opportunity for some rest in readiness for an early start tomorrow morning.