Day Six

Today has seen us once again split into groups and head off in different directions.  We all walked down to the office to collect whatever we needed for the day and then went out from there.  One team stayed in the slum and did more home visits, whilst one group set off for town on a shopping trip.

This trip was made in particular response to a need which had been identified on a previous home visit. A young lad, Sam, who is very bright and top of his class at school, had been told he was not allowed to return after half term (this week) because he could not afford to buy the necessary books. He needed a dictionary, a bible, a hymn book, a maths book and an atlas; these were paid for as the result of a very generous donation from someone at home.  For the cost of an extra 50 Kenyan shillings per book, it was recommended that they were covered to keep them in good condition.  (Anybody brought up in the 50s and 60s back home, will probably remember covering their school books with wallpaper) These new books will be delivered to the family tomorrow so that Sam knows he can return to school on Monday.

They also bought an additional 10 water filters to take into some of those homes who still have no clean water.  For those of you who pray, please ask for us to have the wisdom to work out which needs are the highest priority and where these will make the most difference.

Another team were dropped off at The Haven in Githiorio, about 5 miles out of town.  This is a Women’s Refuge which has been established by another charity out here with whom we have worked in the past.  This Refuge will be able to house in safety approx 24 abused women and their children for periods of up to 6 months.  They encourage them to learn to sew, grow food and learn Englishmen well as providing counselling, and support.

We were privileged to be able to join in with about 40 women who come in from the local area in their weekly gathering when they meet to worship God and encourage each other.  We were treated to a bowl of rice and bean stew at the end of the morning.

The third team were back out in the slum and completed further home visits and more needs were uncovered. Three of our newer sponsored families were included in these visits and the team were moved by the level of need and their extreme poverty.  All had had malaria in the last 6 months, something which we can now help with by providing mosquito nets.  It was a big encouragement to see and hear how much the children all loved the opportunity to go to school, also arranged and funded by Doxa.

We reconvened back at the office in the middle of the afternoon and two of our ladies went back into town with Joyce to pick some beautiful African fabric and their personal dress design.  They are having African dresses made to measure in the next 48 hours in readiness to wear to church this coming weekend.  They were amazed by the beautiful choice of fabrics in every colour of the rainbow and the extremely low price for making them; they did smile at having their vital statistics called out across the shop for all and sundry to hear!  We all look forward to seeing the finished results in the next few days.