The Final Day

Today is our last full day here in Nakuru and it has been a very satisfying one, with the completion of any outstanding work on projects.  It has been a very hot day here, and as we walked down to the office this morning there was no sign of smog over Nakuru and so we had a wonderful view down over the town and lake.

Dewy and Victor headed straight out with a ladder to replace a tin roof for Milkah, one of our HIV ladies. It must have been very hot on a tin roof, but they both survived the experience and Victor was even demonstrating one handed press ups when they got back into the office!  Milkah was very pleased with her new roof, and also with the cushions, cooking pots and washtub that we took to her.  We also spent some time with her discussing a plan for setting up a new business selling charcoal and she is going to do some research into what support she may need from Doxa.

The last of the water filters were taken out to the homes of our sponsored families who didn’t already have one, as well as the last few mosquito nets.

Joyce has had a busy day distributing food, consisting of flour and rice from the office to families in the slum who are really struggling.  A few of our ladies were involved in tidying up the stock in the office store, sorting the clothes into piles, and giving it a general tidy up.  A bit of help was needed from the men in moving the heavy stuff about, and it looked completely different by the time we had finished.

Caroline ventured out on one of the Buffalo bikes, disappearing into the dust with David on the back, only for Joyce to point out that the bike she had chosen had no brakes!  They did return safely later.

Nicola went to visit baby Nicola for one final cuddle before leaving home.  Mother and baby are both doing well.  She returned from her outing with a chicken that she had been given by a neighbour.  By the time she reached the office the bird had been named Penny.  Penny was put in a box and taken up to the plot to join the other chickens.  She was rather cute as her little head kept popping out of the corner of the box but it was on the end of a very scrawny neck, so hopefully she will get fattened up once she settles in.

During the day, we were reflecting on some of the fun that we have had whilst out here, and that we would all be sad to go home.  Joyce said that she will cry tomorrow as she will miss us all, and that she will even cry for Dewy!

Now we are sitting out on the terrace, having watched the loveliest sunset of our trip, and have just been told that the hotel owner, William, is roasting a goat in our honour. We have been reflecting on all that we have been able to accomplish over the past 12 days, and how good it has been to be back here with our Kenyan friends and amongst these lovely people. We have once again learned much about gratitude and feel humbled to have been able to help in a small way.