Day One

So here we are at the end of our first full day in Kenya, but our second day away from home.  The trip has already thrown up some highlights and some issues to contend with.  After a very good flight over from the U.K. via Zurich, we arrived in Nairobi in the early evening, only to find that one of our team was missing a case.

Bearing in mind that we all brought out two very large cases (23kg) rammed to the gunnels with things that have been donated, and 8kg of hand luggage, the missing case was one of the few that contained only personal bits and pieces.  At the end of 36 hours without sleep, this was not the greatest start that we would have hoped for, but the case has been located and is on its way back from Dar Es Salaam and will be back here tomorrow (God willing). The other cases contain the most wide range of items that we have ever brought in one trip, from a sewing machine, hand knitted jumpers and cardigans, toys, medicines, pens and stationary, paints, and all manner of things for children.

We were all delighted to meet up with Kim, Joyce and David again and as we are sitting here considering our highlights of the day, most have listed this as the biggest pleasure.

Others have included the smell of fresh rain after three months of nothing, the joy of safe travel and the experience of stopping for a stretch break and enjoying milkshakes at Delameres – a popular treat on the long journey; seeing the Matatu loaded up with everything that is going to be distributed over the next couple of weeks, and with the whole team on board and a visit to the local market to buy fruit and veg at a tiny fraction of the cost at the supermarket.  Large mangoes for 30 Kenyan shillings – that is about 20p. Eat your hearts out!