It’s playtime in Nakuru

Eight of us ventured over to Kenya with the main focus being the building of an activity area. Simple it may seem on the surface, but there was so much more to the whole week. Stuart, Toby and Mike had come up with the mother of all play areas complete with a jungle gym, table tennis table, stepping stones, gym bars, tyre swing, volleyball court and basketball area, whilst Shaun and Luke installed Solar power. Ray, Julian and Ben got to work where needed. We had four keen Kenyan chaps digging, moving timber and assisting us all week. There were constant streams of kids peering over the wall, appearing at the gate or trying to catch the attention of children’s entertainer Toby.

In 5 days, we got the job done, an incredible amount of work but the reward was fantastic. Seeing 150-200 kids fly through the gate, faces so excited, every piece of equipment intensely overcrowded and nothing but joy all around us was precious. Special moments for all of us as that unfolded before our eyes.