PandaTip: This model for the restaurant partnership agreement contains several lines of text. Each partner must verify the entire document and fill out the fields assigned to them before signing. In a few days, Zomato`s representative should call you back for paperwork. If you go live, you will also be assigned a contact point (POC). If you are stuck somewhere, you can contact your POC or by email. Use this free housing agreement for your rental property. It is approved by experts. This restaurant partnership agreement, which is agreed upon on [Agreement.CreatedDate], of and between , and, as collectively known as partners, regulates the creation, management and operation of the business company below, referred to as restaurant: Construction companies often include joint ventures to pool resources and pursue major projects. This joint venture agreement model can be completed in minutes and helps you and your partner reach a legally binding joint venture agreement.

As a witness, the partners hereafter enter into this restaurant partnership agreement on the dates signed below. You can choose to be listed only with the Zomato portal for online ordering. This is especially useful if you have a large volume of orders and you prefer commission rates for your business. In other cases (if a restaurant is not available on Zomato), add your restaurant to zomato Business by following the steps mentioned in the “Add a Restaurant on Zomato” section. The registration process of the Zomato restaurant includes: Step 2: Then click Add the restaurant to add the restaurant to the Zomato list. For restaurants that exceed the order of 500, the platform`s costs are calculated inversely proportional to the number of orders ranging from 799 ru. Rs 199. . All product names, trademarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. We can cancel your Swiggy SUPER subscription without notice. If we do, we will issue you a credit and give you a refund based on the full number of months of your membership.