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Telling the Doxa story

Over recent months trustees Daphne and Ray have carried out a number of fundraising presentations, telling the Doxa story, and raising awareness of the many positive and practical things that are happening.

Wedding bells in Kenya

Kim is the permanent Doxa presence on the ground in Nakuru. and has for some time now run our office deep in the KM slum. It was last year that Kim announced his engagement to Joyce and his intention to marry in the New Year.

A Valuable Resource

One of the most valuable resources we have in Kenya is this Mutatu. For years we struggled with not having transport for us, the kids, materials and other general uses that would really have helped us.

The Local Storehouse

At the office everything happens. From meetings with families to a storage unit, the office really is becoming more and more the hub of the community.

The Footballer’s Scramble

Whenever we arrive at Nakuru Blankets to watch the boys play or do some coaching the stampede towards our vehicle as we open the doors is always inevitable. This is for the simple reason that the likelihood is we have a load of kit or boots or something that will help them stuffed in the back of the truck.

This Is Grace

This is our wonderful friend Grace and her son Joseph who have been part of our sponsorship scheme since we began in 2010. Unfortunately 
Grace’s husband 
passed away a couple of years 
ago and things are
 really tough for 
the family.

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